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Advanced Magento-Payment Express integration

Accept credit card payments via PxPay, PxPost, PxFusion and Web Service.

This extension is endorsed by Payment Express (DPS) and is the most comprehensive Magento-DPS integration on the market.

Integrate with Maxmind fraud scoring

Integrate your store with Maxmind's fraud scoring service to quickly identify and deal with suspicious orders (Maxmind account required). You can choose to hide Payment Express as a payment method to prevent the order from being placed, or allow the order to be placed but require it to be manually reviewed before accepting it (after assessing the customer history/risk level).

The cost of online fraud is estimated at $3.5 billion (2013 Cybersource Online Fraud Report). It's smart to minimise your risk of financial loss from costly chargebacks, especially if you often ship low margin goods.

Process customer refunds from the backend**

Refund Payment Express credit card payments (PxPay and PxPost) directly from the Magento backend.

This saves you time by allowing you to create an invoice refund directly in Magento, eliminating the need to log into Payment Express and process each refund manually.

Secure tokenised billing**

A popular tool among merchants to encourage repeat purchases and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Customers can tick a box if they would like to securely store their credit card information for their next purchase from your store.

It's secure - only an encrypted token of the card data is saved, never the actual credit card data.

Payment Express Web Service with 3D Secure

Accept credit card payments via Payment Express Web Service, with optional use of the 3D Secure feature (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode schemes).

With 3D secure, if a customer has set up a password on their credit card, they will need to enter this. Once the customer's bank has verified the password, the transaction will be completed. This shows your customers that you take online security seriously, and reduces your risk of costly credit card fraud and chargebacks.

Accept manual payments with PxPay

Accept manual payments of any amount using your PxPay account. This is quick and easy way to bill custom amounts, and is more cost effective than alternatives such as Paypal.

Choose to automatically send notification emails each time a manual payment is received, and add a manual payment link to your store’s footer.

Feature List

In addition to the features highlighted above, with this extension you can:

  • Display transaction details in the backend so you can be confident what you ship is what you have been paid for
  • Use the following new order statuses and configuration choices to fit your order workflow: Pending Payment (DPS), Processing (DPS – Amount Authorised), Processing (DPS – Amount Paid)
  • Choose to enable payment methods for backend orders only
  • Display credit card logos on your payment page
  • Restrict payment methods to orders above or below a certain value
  • Supports both direct sales and authorise and capture workflows

System Requirements

  • Internet connectivity - the extension uses the fail-proof notification by Payment Express to get notified of received payments
  • Your php / server configurations must allow access to the $_GET variable when it contains very long strings (2000+ characters). Check with your hosting company if you're unsure - if your server disallows this, the extension won't work
  • Your php version must be able to support openssl to securely transfer your data. Most websites meet this requirement, but please ask your hosting company if in doubt

** A PxPost account is required to use these features. This can be a limited account - you can still use your PxPay/PxFusion account to accept payments, and use the limited PxPost account only to allow refunds and/or tokenised billing.

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1.0.3 Initial Release
1.0.4 fix contact issue
1.0.5 save credit card support for DPS Webservice
1.0.6 fix validation state error when 3d secure is turned off
1.0.7 cron job improvements
1.1.1 independent blocks for each payment method
1.1.12 PxFusion Support
1.1.18 various improvements and fixes for PxFusion
1.1.22 PxFusion add privacy header for IE
1.1.23 PxFusion specifically declare multipart/form-data for IE
1.1.24 Add support for multi-currency accounts, allow cancellation of billing agreements
1.1.25 PxFusion add token and rebilling support
1.2.0 PxFusion form rendered via separate template
1.2.1 PxFusion iframe visible after submit to allow 3D secure redirects, reset transaction data when rebilling from admin, fixes around currency conversion, add ACL check
1.2.2 Only run Maxmind check once during payment active phase, optionally use OneStepCheckout messages object

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