Fooman Order Fees (Magento 2)

Sell optional customer order upgrades and upsells such as shipping insurance, gift wrapping, prepaid customs fees, in-home assembly/set-up fees, rush fees, order warranties and more. 



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Charge Magento customers extra fees and order upgrades at checkout time. Whether you need mandatory charges or want to make the extras optional, it's easy to offer extra order services with this Magento 2 surcharge extension. 

Charge extra order upgrade fees in Magento 2

Order upgrades, giftwrap and other charges

Charge customers for extra order options at checkout. This extension is ideal for extra charges such as:

  • Shipping insurance
  • Giftwrapping
  • Prepaid customs fees
  • In-home assembly/set-up fees
  • Order admin/set-up charges
  • Order warranties
  • Order rush fee
  • Many more 
Magento 2 integrated surcharge display for product fees

Integrated surcharge display

Surcharges are automatically displayed in your Magento 2 store:

  • Checkout
  • Print Order page
  • My Account Order View page
  • Magento 2 customer sales emails
  • Backend order, invoice and credit memo
  • PDFs generated by Magento (including order, invoice, shipment and credit memo PDFs), including custom PDFs created using Fooman PDF Customiser
Magento 2 giftwrap and extra fees extension for customer options at checkout

Choose optional order upgrades or mandatory fees

Order fees are charged on the customer's entire order. 

Order fees can be optional (customers can choose at checkout), or you can set them to be required (customer must pay the extra charge). 

Easily add and edit Magento 2 order fees all from the backend, without technical knowledge.


Order fees by customer type / country

Flexible options mean you can target the customers you need to - and avoid passing order fees onto others. 

Add Magento 2 order fees by:

  • Customer group/s
  • Customer country (by billing or shipping address)
Payment Surcharge Magento 2 extension

Quality Magento 2 code

  • Coded for maximum compatibility with other customisations
  • Code is implemented using Magento’s recommended customisation points (everything is implemented using extension attributes, events and plugins)
  • No modification of Magento core database tables
  • Tested by unit tests, integration tests and functional tests in accordance with good Magento 2 practice
  • Lightweight, modular extension for targeted Magento 2 order fees and surcharges
  • Unlike other extensions, Fooman offers true compatibility and integration with Magento tax settings and calculations

Other Features

  • Create an unlimited number of order fees
  • Choose from % fee, fixed fee or combination
  • You choose whether the order fees are displayed before or after the payment method section of checkout
  • Flexible surcharge refund options - choose to refund the surcharge in full, in part or not at all
  • Powerful when combined with the Fooman Product Fees extension - you have the ultimate flexibility to activate certain order fees by product.

Fooman Surcharge Is Trusted By

Nespresso AE
Bag Riders


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[1.6.1] - 2024-07-15
Fixed - GET request on Hyvä cart page for logged in customers.
[1.6.0] - 2024-04-07
Added - Support for Magento 2.4.7.
Added - Support for Php 8.3.
Added - Package to support optional order fees during Hyvä Checkout.
[1.5.0] - 2024-01-26
Added - Ability to preview the order fee amounts in the frontend.
Added - Include latest Surcharge Core to support Hyvä Checkout.
Changed - Updated to newer Magento Coding Standard.
[1.4.0] - 2023-08-16
Added - Provide optional fee selector during admin order creation.
Added - Placement of optional fees as part of the sidebar under order summary.
Added - Hyvä Support - ensure optional fees can be changed from the php cart page.
[1.3.2] - 2023-03-08
Added - Support for Php 8.2.
Added - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.6.

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