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Global Industry Partners

Fooman is proud to partner with leading Magento agencies around the world. 6 in 10 Magento Solution Partners use and trust Fooman enterprise and community extensions.

Flexible and Extensible

Fooman code is developer-friendly, 100% unencrypted and follows Magento 2 good practice. It's easy to add custom code to our extensions to meet client requirements.

Expert, Reliable Support

Agency developers love our great after-sale support. Fooman Founder Kristof is actively involved in supporting extensions and working with agencies to get the most out of Fooman code.

Agency Success Stories

We built the Body Shop Indonesia site on Magento v2.0. The site requirements included a customized PDF printout for the warehouse to print custom picking lists and order receipts.

We decided to use Fooman Pdf Customiser and Fooman Pdf Picking List to achieve this. We used the extensions out of the box.
Fooman extensions allow us to offer our customers useful functionality which, if we had to develop this ourselves, would be much more expensive.

Support is always quick and of good quality, which allows Younify developers to efficiently support our own client base.
We have had great experiences with Fooman extensions.

The code is really well written and we are happy to recommend their services.
We only work with extension suppliers who we know carry out high quality work.

Fooman Order Manager saves loads of time for merchants who need to process orders quickly. We've also recently used the Fooman Xero Integration which our client loves.

Code Quality

Like you, we're passionate about rock-solid, quality code.

Fooman is a founding member of the Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN), an organisation dedicated to promoting good practice in extension coding standards and maximising inter-operability between member Magento extensions.

What Does Quality Code Look Like At Fooman?

Fooman extensions follow good Magento 2 code practices:

  • No core classes overwritten unless absolutely necessary to deliver the intended function - we use this sparingly
  • 100% unencrypted. You can inspect and edit everything
  • Code is implemented using Magento’s recommended customisation points (extension attributes, events and plugins)
  • No modification of Magento core database tables
  • Tested by unit tests, integration tests and functional tests
  • Composer installation

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