Easily Recover Credit Card Processing Fees For Your Online Shop

When it comes to eCommerce, credit card processing fees are a necessary evil. That 2.9% and 30 cents a pop is just the cost of doing business. Not anymore. We have the perfect solution for your Magento Shop.

What are credit card processing fees?

When you accept payment with online credit cards, the payment gateway takes a percentage and a flat fee. The amounts vary but 2.9% and 30 cents seems to be the middle ground. After a while, that price adds up.

“A surcharge, also known as checkout fee, is an extra fee charged by a merchant when receiving a payment by cheque, credit card, charge card or debit card (but not cash) which at least covers the cost to the merchant of accepting that means of payment, such as the merchant service fee imposed by a credit card company.” Wikipedia

For a while nonprofits donation plugins have allowed donors to increase their donation to recover processing fees, and it’s also available for online merchants. Your Magento 2 Store now has this option with Fooman Payment Surcharge.

What is Fooman Payment Surcharge?

Fooman Payment Surcharge is a Magento 2 extension allows you to pass on expensive credit card processing fees to customers. You can choose the option best for your online store: add a fixed fee, percentage surcharge, or a combination of the two. Whatever works best for you.

Your online store also has the option to offer a discount. This encourages online customers to use your most cost-effective payment options. It’s up to you.

What are the features of Fooman Payment Surcharge?

If we told you all of the brilliant features, you wouldn’t need to go to our product page. Head over there for the full list and price.

Here’s a short list:

  • Add surcharges based on different payment methods (credit cards, Paypal, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Surcharge details are automatically added to the checkout, Print Order page, Account Order View page, customer sales emails and pdfs generated by Magento (including Fooman Pdf Customiser).
  • Surcharge calculation options available: flat rate, percentage fee, flat rate + percentage fee, or the higher of either the flat fee or the percentage.

That’s quite a few options for your online Magento-Powered Store.

Recover Credit Card Processing Fees Today

Head over to the product page and purchase this brilliant extension today. Your accountant and your store’s bottom line will thank you.

“Flexible extension and brilliant support. Of all the surcharge type extensions, this one seems to understand the complexities of Magento's payment system the best. And when I did run into problems, the support was prompt, friendly, and highly effective. Highly recommended!” Neil

Fooman Team

Fooman Team

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