How to become a Magento Master - the AI answer

Most know that Sherrie who, as Magento's Commuity Manager, runs the Magento Masters program, keeps a giant spreadsheet on which all community contributions are recognised throughout the year. By some magic formula at the end of the year it tabulates the input and produces the list of new Masters. So far no-one has come forward claiming to be able to reverse engineer it. As is common these days I decided to turn to AI to solve the question on how to become a Master.

Every year when the list is announced Sherrie includes a section on why someone was selected. With 3 years worth of input I thought it might be worthwhile checking for some trends. Artificial Intelligence might be overstretching the truth a bit but I thought this blog needed a higher buzzword density. In reality I have run a crude word frequency count instead of some fancy Natural Language Processing for each of the 3 Master categories and then manually joined common combinations and removed words of lesser significance.

And the results are:

Magento Movers (total selected so far 9)
Word Frequency
speaking engagements 9
contributions 8
community 6
events 5
github 5
ecosystem 4
extensive 4
educating 4
devdocs 3
helping 3
platform 3
magento-centric 3
organizing 3
user group 3


Magento Mentors (total selected so far 21)
Word Frequency
community 31
contributions 21
consistently helping others 18
speaking engagements 18
stackexchange 16
github 11
organizing 11
events 9
moderating 8
magestackday 8
forums 7
platform 7
educating 7


Magento Makers (total selected so far 30)
Word Frequency
contributions 29
speaking engagements 18
community 16
organizing 15
events 10
helping others 10
devdocs 9
forums 8
meet magento 8
sharing 8
user group 7
knowledge 7


Across all Categories (total selected so far 60)
Word Frequency
contributions 58
community 53
speaking engagements 43
helping others 34
organizing 29
consistently 24
events 24
stackexchange 23
github 22
devdocs 18
educating 16
forums 16


As a rough analysis, I would say, speaking engagements will help you in any category, but to be in the Movers category it's a requirement (100% of Movers had this mentioned). StackExchange scores particularly well in the Mentors section (note consistently helping others). And organisation of events like Meet Magento or on a smaller scale user groups is more commonly found in the Makers group. Al in all no surprises really. It's a top contributor program and there are lots of ways to contribute in the Magento ecosystem.

Kristof Ringleff

Kristof Ringleff

Founder and Lead Developer at Fooman

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