Magento Bulk Orders: Save Time with One Click

Bulk orders are awesome. But it can get really tricky, especially if your store is seasonal. Wouldn’t it be nice to save time when your Magento-powered store gets busy? Of course it would. With Fooman Order Manager, you’ll save precious hours every week.

“I am in love with this module! I just shipped yesterday’s invoices in a matter of minutes - this would have taken me hours before! Thank you!!”
April Schroeder

Bulk Orders In One Place

You don’t have to open and process each and every individual order any longer. With Fooman Order Manager, the Order Overview Screen gets some much-needed features including selecting a custom order status for each mass action. Save time by entering tracking information and different carriers in this screen.

Bulk Order Processing With One Click

If your store is large, you will save time with our bulk actions. If your store is seasonal, you’ll be glad for this Magento workflow enhancement. Save even more time by combining invoicing and shipping actions with printing actions. You can make bulk changes including putting orders on hold and more. Get back to working on your business, not in it.

Fooman Order Manager Feature List

Head over to the product page to see the complete list of features.

  • Invoice and/or mark all orders as shipped with one click from the Order Overview Screen.
  • Enter tracking information straight from the Order Overview Screen, including multiple tracking numbers.
  • Combine invoicing and shipping actions with printing actions.

Save Precious Time Today

With our quality code and commitment to support and this price point, there is no reason to not purchase and install this extension today. You have better things to do with your time like visit a museum, cycle through the park, or storytime with your family.

Fooman Team

Fooman Team

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