Zero eCommerce Headaches With Xero and Magento

Are you still manually importing your eCommerce store records into Xero? Well, stop. With Fooman Connect: Xero, you'll save so much time you may need a hobby.

Not only will you save time, you’ll save frustration, and hassle, too. Who doesn’t want that?

Why did you start your eCommerce Store?

So, why did you start your online store? It probably wasn’t because you wanted to do accounting all day. You had an idea for a business. You made products. You have them for sale. Easy. Done. Well, not exactly.

Many times the admin work that comes with running an eCommerce store, even one powered by Magento, sucks away your creative life. We want to help you get back to the business of creation, not accounting. Step away from your shop and get back to curating or creating items for your store.

Pair a Good Choice with a Great One

You chose Xero for your accounting. That was a good choice. Now pair a good choice with a great one: Fooman Connect: Xero. Sure, you could find inferior products or Zapier integrations, but will they take away your accounting headaches? The simple answer is no.

At Fooman, we completely understand your business needs. Why? We use Magento and Xero ourselves to run our business. Our customers choose our product because it integrates with the nitty-gritty of how Magento works - taxes, custom totals, rounding and all the tricky stuff.

“Before using the Fooman Xero: Connect extension, we had to manually transfer sales information from Magento to Xero. We knew it wasn’t the right way to run a business. We were quite busy then, and it was only going to get busier. We had between 50-200 invoices per month and it used to take us 1-2 minutes per invoice. It was a very time consuming job sucking up to 7 hours every month and we were taking risks in the accuracy of our data doing it manually.” Victor ter Hark, Founder, Afura

Great Product Backed by Excellent Service

Fooman Connect: Xero is powerful, yet easy to use. That’s the perfect balance for your eCommerce store. This product has great features like automatic export of orders, customer data, and credit notes along with elimination of the headache human error brings. Back this up with great support and you’ll see why hundreds of Magento users trust Fooman Connect.

Connect: Xero - Ten Years and Counting

We’ve been developing and perfecting Fooman Connect since 2009 and will continue as Magento iterates. You can read all of the features and excellent reviews on our product page. The bottom line is simply that -- your bottom line. Your time counts. Work on creating products, not reconciling errors.

Fooman Team

Fooman Team

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