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Use the order number as the invoice, shipment and credit memo number, for tidy record-keeping.



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By default, Magento 2 assigns a separate number to orders and related documents (invoices, shipments and credit memos). Once installed, this extension ensures that when a new Magento 2 invoice, shipment or credit memo is created, it will always take the same number as the associated order.

This extension can be particularly useful for businesses that ship and sell high volumes of products. Your customer benefits by only ever having to reference one number consistently displayed on all documents.

Use this Magento 2 Same Order Invoice Number extension to ensure that when a new invoice, shipment or credit memo is created, it will always take the same number as the associated order. Easy to use with Magento 2

Consistent order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers

  • New invoices, shipments and credit memos are automatically assigned the same number as the related order
  • This extension does not change any historical data - only future invoices, credit memos and shipments will be changed
  • For order #1000, the associated invoice would be #1000, the shipment #1000, and the credit memo also #1000

This is a simple and popular approach for tidy record keeping and easy document identification.

Duplicate separation will be used with the Magento 2 Same Order Number extension

Automatic duplicate separation

In the event of multiple invoices, shipments or credit memos associated with the same order, a duplicate separator will be used.

For example, the first invoice would be #1000, the second #1000-1, the third #1000-2, and so on.

Give your Magento 2 order number a custom prefix

Add custom prefixes

Make your numbering system more user-friendly by choosing a custom prefix for your:

  • Invoice numbers (e.g. INV-1000001)
  • Shipment numbers (e.g. SHIP-1000001)
  • Credit Memo numbers (e.g. CREDIT-1000001)
Take your order numbering further with our Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension

Streamline your order numbering with Order Number Customiser [Pro Features]

Want to take it further? Our Fooman Order Number Customer Magento 2 extension lets you fully customise order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers using any combination of letters, numbers and dates. Edit order number prefix, length, increment ID and more.

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[3.2.0] - 2024-03-26
Added - Support for Php 8.3.
Changed - Code style updates for newer Magento Coding Standard.
[3.1.0] - 2023-03-06
Added - Support for Php 8.2.
Changed - Minimum Magento version is now 2.3.0 - for earlier versions please use previous releases.
[3.0.14] - 2022-09-15
Fixed - Avoid collection side effects.
[3.0.13] - 2022-08-05
Added - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.5.
[3.0.12] - 2022-04-29
Fixed - Handle collisions when pre-existing increment numbers are higher than order numbers - thanks @fredden.

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