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Workflow for Magento 2 settings

I found this treasure hidden in the Magento Github repo describing succinctly on how to work with Magento's configuration files, namely app/etc/config.php and app/etc/env.php. Reposting it here so tha…

Working with Warden

There are lots of different options around to set up your local development environment and I'd hazard a guess no two development environments are the same. Most of my Magento development work I do is…

Magento 2 / Php Versions Matrix

A quick list containing the first and latest version of the main Magento 2 branches and their respective supported PHP versions. Magento Version Supported PHP Versions Link to Source 2.0.0 ~5.5…


You can run Magento 2 in three different modes: default, developer and production. Magento 2 allows you to define which mode to run via a server variable (MAGE_MODE). This can be seen in the below exa…

Magento 2 handling of order timezone

Triggered by a recent discussion on Slack and noticing this latest Pull Request to fix some timezone handling specific code in the Magento 2 framework (Github PR) it seems to confirm a long held suspi…

Magento 2 API Documentation

Magento 2 uses Swagger to automatically generate documentation for its REST API. You can view a published version on Magento devdocs. What's even better - Swagger is shipped with each installed instan…

Working faster with bin/magento

The bin/magento command is the entry point to working with Magento 2's command line tasks. Prompted by a couple of recent tweets I thought I quickly write down a couple of tips to speed up working wit…

Magento 2 Command Line Tips

While working with Magento 2 you will be using the command line a lot more often. I have started a collection of commands that have come in handy while working on various client installations: Tip #1 …

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